Private Cloud

Get the quickly, efficiency of the private cloud, with the best levels of control and security with a single dedicated environment.

Private Cloud

Seven hills Private Cloud delivers a best-performance infrastructure for a smooth cloud experience. A fully developed and managed business cloud solution, which provides the advanced computerization and orchestration needed to transform multiple IT environments as your business innovates and grows.

Unique solution combining 100% dedicated hardware with the scalability, agility and flexibility of the private Cloud.

What We Offer

More Control

Create, maintain, and have total control over your own cloud servers for dedicated, accurate performance along with unmatched flexibility.

Cost and Energy Efficiency

A private cloud will reduce the investment into unused capacity which offers benefits concerning to companies cost and energy use.

Cloud Bursting

Seven Hills permits an organization to rent additional storage and compute resources on demand with cloud bursting.

Higher Security and Privacy

Seven Hills provides highest levels of compliance, privacy, scalability, increased performance and availability.

Our Services

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