Backup & Recovery

Seven Hills offers the most flexible and comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities in the industry, from accidentally deleting a file to the entire your business recover quickly from a wide range of events without any gotchas. We support the various on-demand modes of backup like archive, incremental, differential and replication as per the requirements. Seven Hills systems protect years-worth of data in the storage themselves using efficient point-in-time array snapshots, network, and storage resources.

Avoid technical and logistical hurdles associated with traditional backup processes, and provides you with a recovery solutions.

Our Main Features

Having a backup and recovery solution that includes all features and options and support you need

Easy Scale Up and Down

An integrated, converged platform with high backup technologies while taking advantage of innovative solutions to scale up and down.

Increase Capacity, Reduce Cost

Maintain all your backup accounts and increase your business continuance from unexpected disasters and reduce your risks.

Increased Productivity

Allows you to focus on your business's needs by eliminating the challenges around what and how your data has to be preserved.

Breadth of Capabilities

Backup your data across your entire infrastructure, accelerate snapshots and scale as more nodes as needed.

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