Cloud Storage

Your scalable data demands met, arm your business to the comprehensive storage with us. Seven Hills Cloud Storage is always available, highly durable and fully secure with your budgetary needs.Secure, resilient, elastic, and simple to use data from any environment on connect to the Internet. Instantly upload your data to our cloud storage with our cloud app.File names and content are encrypted with your secret passphrase, that you are the only person on the planet who can decrypt your files.

Leverage the economies and elasticity of cloud compute with data governance.From bytes to petabytes our data is available, affordable and awesome.

Our Main Features

Seven Hills Cloud Technology has everything you need to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities.


Provides real-time access to your virtual resources. you can simply handling public cloud with your own environment.

High Availability

Seven Hills cloud platform is designed as high available, you can access to Seven Hills anytime and anyfurthur without lagging.

One Click Deployment

Seven Hills place your services on our high performance , so the cloud servers will be available with one click.

No Control of Hardware Performance

Does not reduce the performance of your hardware, network associated with your service.

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