Desktop as a Service

Start bringing your own device wherever you go to face the competitive world by offloading your intensive tasks.

Desktop as a Service

You don’t need to be at office any longer just because your work PC can’t travel with you. No worries any longer about backups, updates, upgrades, licenses. Get 24/7/365 desktop availability from Seven Hills. Secure your file, content & protect your file sharing with Desktop as a Service.

Reinventing technology to how it works for you, get most of your IT environment.

What We Offer

Satisfaction Driven

Wherever you are, Works on go the things you want to read, analyze and watch are organized to make convenient.

Workplace Optimization

DaaS - pay-as-you-go model provided to scale up in busy seasons and reduce expenditures when necessary.

Low Latency

Provides a high-quality user experience with no delays without having to acquire, build, and manage your own infrastructure.

Fast Time to Value

Makes it easy to manage your workspaces using DaaS. Users can access from any devices like PC’s and Tablets connecting to internet.

Our Services

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