Firewall Service

Protect your network within your walls, thus privacy matters.

Firewall Service

You can inspect the internet traffic via full traffic log report, SSL status and threat prevention capabilities. In addition, a FWaaS should allow remote connections from all locations and mobile users and control your ports by creating rules in firewall.

Protect your network within your walls, thus privacy matters.

What We Offer

Centralized Security and Network Management

Our firewall system is integrated and streamlined for security thus reducing the complex in control.

Easy Firewall Policy Management

It is not only affordable it's easier too. The simplicity of firewall rules makes you to work effortlessly.

Cross-Platform Network Security Monitoring

Keep your business critical applications running securely in whatever platforms supported, we provide multi-platform monitoring.

Real-Time and Historic Reporting

Pinpoint attacks inexpensively by monitoring your data at real-time and distinguish the failures by recording historic report.

Our Services

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