Managed Server

Managed server solutions from Seven Hills offer a full spectrum of options, from customized, fully scalable systems to managed server architectures. Seven Hills provides you with an entire web server particularly dedicated to your needs, yet fully managed by our experienced team.

Offers a managed dedicated servers with a wide array of server configuration, networking and managed service options

Our Main Features

Seven Hills Cloud Technology has everything you need to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities.

Fast, Reliable Servers

With the Seven Hills Managed Server you have a superior-performance and reliable dedicated server entirely designed for you.

Storage & Data Protection

We provide automatic data protection and security through efficient firewall, thus neglecting the hassle for you. We also help you to meet competitive service level objectives and deliver full control and visibility with maximized storage.

Root Access

Seven Hills provide managed server with full root access. It means you have complete control on over server and features provided.

Early Provisioning

Early provisioning permits you to go online as early as possible based on your custom need without any lagging period or extra set-up costs.

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