Managed Services

Manage your names that boast of an excellent page rank, making it easier for your customers to find you.

General VPS

Colocation service provide the quality of your data center needs with low operational cost.

Platform / OS Management

Desktop as a Service

You don't need to be at office any longer just because your work PC can't travel with you.

Load Balancing

We deliver into the challenges of modern software architecture by deploying load balancers to enhance performance, ease management and simplify integration in your business.

Database Management

Remote Database

Remote database offers high performance, scalability, and convenience.

Server Clustering

We ensure maximum possible scalability of servers. Providing a clustered environment is key in disaster recovery scenarios as, automatically failover to a separate web server with no downtime.

Network Management

NOC Service

We connect to your infrastructure, providing the most advanced event detection and efficient workflow management by our NOC platform.

Content Delivery Network

You can easily deliver powerful business applications, hard media and dynamic transactions online with unmatched reliability.

Storage Management

Cloud Storage

Your scalable data demands met, arm your business to the comprehensive storage with us.

Backup Recovery

Avoid technical and logistical hurdles associated with traditional backup processes, and provides you with a recovery solutions

Security Management

Dedicated Firewall

We are providing dedicated Firewall will help safeguard uptime, protect your servers and network, give you more control of your infrastructure's protection.

Firewall Service

You can inspect the internet traffic via full traffic log report, SSL status and threat prevention capabilities.



Our DRaaS solution provides scalable replication with off-site backup as well as RTOs (Recovery Time Objective) of minutes and RPOs (Recovery Point Objective) of seconds. Failover and failback are automated and easy to manage.


Seven Hills systems protect years-worth of data in the storage themselves using efficient point-in-time array snapshots, network, and storage resources.

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